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Medical gradient compression hosiery promotes improved venous flow which helps to control swelling, varicosities (varicose veins, spider veins), thrombosis (blood clots), and leg fatigue. Compression socks can be worn for increased blood flow on a daily basis, after exercise to promote recovery, or to reduce swelling during air flights.

How does compression therapy work?

Distended veins, or weakened vein walls, create a challenge for venous return. Graduated compression applies pressure to the arteries, veins, and muscles to aid in the movement of blood towards the heart.


We offer a range of colors in many styles including:

  • Compression Socks

  • Knee High Nylons

  • Thigh High and Pantyhose

  • Sport-Compression Socks

Compression therapy assessment includes an Ankle Brachial Index screening performed by a Registered Nurse to ensure compression therapy is right for you.Compression hosiery of 20-30 mmHg or higher may be covered by your extended health care benefits plan. Please consult your insurance guide to determine your coverage.

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